Not Setting Targets?

Not Setting Targets?    Why It matters To Your Success

by Brian Benedict

A life well lived, is a life well spent. In life, we are faced with the boundless possibilities that humanity and this world can provide us. We cannot accomplish a lot if we lack a distinct target, a goal.  Most commonly, what puts us in movement are the things that we look ahead to. It’s these things that hold us accountable.  Life is a subject of perspective. Having targets to pursue is what gives purpose to our existence.  Clearly, it’s what we do with each day that counts. A purpose is like hanging money within the financial institution. You see it.  You’re working for it.  You know you can find a way to get it so you make a plan.  You develop and implement the plan of attack and stop at nothing to get it.

Defining a purpose

The most tragic factor that could happen for your life shouldn’t be failing to achieve your goal but rather not having one to begin with. We’re all given the same amount of hours in a day.  It’s what we do with that time that puts us ahead of the rest.

Formulating a goal is the primary factor that drives individuals to the sides of the arena, boundlessly seeking new things and increasing horizons. I might be purchasing a new condominium, getting promoted, having the car your retirement you may have always dreamed of. It’s obtainable.  It’s doable.  Any hurdle on your way to the target can be jumped over.  You can reach any target you set in your mind.

Placing targets in a Loop

What occurs when I reach my target?  Do I get to sit on the couch and retire from life because I reached the target?  Or could I set another goal to achieve.   When you have reached some of your ambitions, life as we realize it does now not finish there. You should  continue to live and continue to pursue.  Putting targets in a cycle helps you emerge as extra efficient and are living a extra profitable life. Starting goals as early as in your formative years will most likely lead you to a lifetime of happiness and achievement. Just remember that satisfactory motivation comes with pursuing targets.


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