Why Flat Logo Design is the Latest Trend in Branding

Prominent Brands Switching to Flat Design

Apple is an example of a huge tech company that was well ahead of the flat design trend that’s taking the logo world by storm right now. Its current logo, which satisfies all of the requirements for a design to be flat, has been around since 1999. However, the company has until recently embraced skeuomorphism, which explains why so many Apple buttons and icons in the company’s products and website were in 3D.

After last year’s unveiling of iOS 7, it became clear that the company shifted more committedly to flat design than ever before in its entire history. It did so just at the right time, when this design aesthetic was just taking off. Still, it has to be pointed out that Apple’s shift to a flat design is more gradual instead of full-scale. For example, the icons and buttons of iOS 7 simply look flatter than any other Apple user interface of the past; technically, they’re still not 100% flat…but it’s a work in progress!

via Why Flat Logo Design is the Latest Trend in Branding | Fiverr Blog

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