Top Rated Seller Chris Hardy Quit His Job To Follow His Artistic Talent

How I Started Selling Gigs on Fiverr

I happened to be listening to the Clark Howard show when Fiverr was featured in 2010. I thought, hey, I can do voiceovers and impressions. I already had recording equipment, so it would be easy for me to get started. I came up with a list of voices, did a few practice runs to make sure the quality would be good, and sold my first Gig within a couple of days. Two weeks later, my Gig was featured on Fiverr and it’s been featured ever since.

I Quit My Corporate Job To Do What I Love

When I first started on Fiverr, I was living in North Carolina and had a pretty demanding corporate job. After coming home from work, I’d fill my Fiverr orders but didn’t have much time left for music. When we moved to Augusta, I quit the corporate job, and now the income from Fiverr enables me and my wife to work part-time as independent contractors. I’m really thankful for that because our happiness level has gone way up, and I’m now making money doing what I love to do and what I’m really good at. Fiverr has also been great for my self-esteem. I get tons of positive feedback from the community, which makes me feel really good about myself, and at the same time I’m making money to pay bills.

via Top Rated Seller Chris Hardy Quit His Job To Follow His Artistic Talent

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