10 Questions Every Aspiring Millionaire Should Ask

An intelligent student at one of my seminars inquired, “Daniel, as a tenacious entrepreneur at a rapidly expanding company, are there any particular questions that I should be asking myself?”

Great question!

Before I became a millionaire at the age of 24, I learned to ask some serious questions that allowed me to become who I am today. Some of the questions that I had asked were not generally asked by the majority of people. Because of this, I believe that questions are the sole promotor for the mindset of any aspiring millionaire.

Questions are a way of life and those who ask them will have the most control in their lives. While most people are seeking answers, real leaders seek questions. Questions will automatically give you the right answers. However, answers may not always give you the right questions.

When someone asks a question, it’s relatively easy to discern their level of understanding and thinking. Of course, the most intelligent and powerful person will most often ask the best questions. Truly, your level of questions will determine your level of success.

via 10 Questions Every Aspiring Millionaire Should Ask.

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